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Saturday, January 25, 2020

3 Secrets of Smart SMS Communication System

Is it possible to send SMS to thousands of people at a time?

Secret #1: Send SMS to large numbers

You can send maximum 100 SMS only from your mobile. But if you need to announce something to maximum people then what?
With Smart SMS, you can send SMS to thousands of people at a time.

Is it possible to share my photos, videos or brochure via SMS?

Secret #2: Contents with links

You can keep all your content online and share them using links. This way even in future if you update then later on if anyone click the link then they can refer latest updates.

Keep images in Google photos album.
Keep videos in YouTube.
Keep contents in Google documents.
Keep PDF files in Google Drive.

Is it possible to send different SMS to different people easily?

Secret #3:  Dynamic content

You can send dynamic contents like name, address, links, details according to different Mobile numbers.
You should take advantage of Technology to lead and go ahead of competitors.
You just have to keep the contents in different columns in Excel and your work is done.

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