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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What do people like?

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What do people like?

  • We never buy from a seller we don’t like.

  • We rarely become close friends with people we genuinely dislike.

  • We hardly ever hire the job applicant we don’t like. 

  • We certainly don’t promote the unlikable one.

  • We learn better in the classroom of the teacher we like and who appears to like us. This is true even when that teacher is a strict disciplinarian.

  • We never vote for the candidate we dislike most. In fact, even when we think the more unlikable one would do a better job, chances are we’ll not even go to the polling place this time.

  • We all know people we don’t care for. We go out of our way not to socialize with them. We think, “We have nothing in common.”

  • We all have family members we don’t like, and the only reason we put up with them is just that: They’re family.

  • We all have colleagues at work with varying degrees of likability. Which ones do we gravitate to at break time?

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