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Sunday, September 6, 2020

My version 2.0 - About me in 2024


My version 2.0 - About me in 2024!

Date: 5 September 2024 - Thursday.

Hello friends, meet Mr. Mahesh Hasarmani. We are really excited to share about his achievements and contributions towards the society.

He started his entrepreneurship journey in 2000. But real change happened in 2019 when the world is changing towards Digital. He started course creation and helping people around the world with Knowledge & Technology.

My special gratitude to Deepak from Pixel Track for wonderful guidance and support.

Major Achievements & contributions by Mr. Mahesh Hasarmani:

Helping 5+ crore (50 Million+) people with knowledge and technology.

Create more than 5 Lac entrepreneurs with Knowledge & technology

Having clients more than 5 Lac who are taking his services regularly

Free education to more than 5 lac students

Free e-learning resources for villagions (people who live in villages)

More than 50,000 educational centers with digital libraries.

Smart club having a network with turnover of 500 crore.

Smart Learning center with 5 Lac students taking education

Question: What does your 2.0 Version look like? Write about your 2.0 version as if you have already become the ideal version of yourself.

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