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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Digital Card

Hey friends

How are you?
Today I would like to share one of the incidents, recently happened. One of our family friend runs a  business of photo shop. Also he has mind blowing collection of gift articles of photo frames, photo mugs, Customised T-shirts, and customised gifts. He is located in Pune. In this lock down period obviously he has to put the shop off, with the dead investment of rent, salaries, overheads etc. He is young guy who completed the graduation and immediately turned into entrepreneurship. In this situation he was worried how to run business?
So as usual we had connected with call and he shared the things, and asked for some low price solution, because he did wanted to have financial burdon.
Here comes the twist he had all customers mobile numbers. He texted to all about services, but no reply.
So yes friend then we suggested him why don't you go for digital visiting card. It will reach to all of the customers in no time, also to the customers which have not associated with shop. 
Still he was not convinced. So asked him to have pics of all gift articles with their prices. We created a folder which he can edit at any time........ We created lovely card with hashtag of Gift for your loved ones....
C'mmon friend let any crisis come, we always love our near and dear ones, we love to gift them, we love to see the smile on their faces, we love to make them happy on their special occasions. And yes this worked out. He got so much response from local people. People were like so happy to get the things delivered to home. Not only his regular customers outsiders also got the gifts for their dear ones. The card was so attractive, it contained the contact number, whatsapp number, Facebook page, Instagram and gallery. Without saving the number customer used to call and also whatsapp the details. Also they had wide variety of gifts stored in photo gallery with prices.
Now he is very much interested in latest technology.


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