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Saturday, May 9, 2020

15 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

There are millions of blogs out there in the blogosphere, but only a few of them are following some strategy for the branding of their blog.
Every day hundreds of new blogs appear with the mission to make money online, but many newbie bloggers don’t know about how they can be a successful blogger.
Therefore, I decided to share 15 important blogging tips which I learned from my small experience for ShoutMeLoud readers.
Especially, when you start blogging, you tend to make many mistakes and that’s why I highly recommend all budding bloggers to read tips on Blogging and learn from pro blogger mistakes.
Blogging is an easy job but maintaining your own blog is tough. Especially, when you are planning to make a living out of blogging, you need to take care of many things including :
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social Signals
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Monetization
And many more. Always remember, a blog has no limit, a normal blog can be one of the biggest brands in the coming days.
Years back, ShoutMeLoud and TechCrunch used to be just another blog.
Is int it? So, let’s get it started:

Newbie Blogger tips to Excel in Blogging:

1. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

Passion and Patience are like blogging buzzwords.
Always choose a niche for blogging about which you know and passionate to write. Blogging is not a “get quick rich” scheme.
You will have to wait for the money, and it will only come if you devise a proper strategy. If your goal is to make money from blogging, also look at the other aspect of online marketing but not blogging.

2. Make a strategy for blogging

With a defined strategy and goal you could accomplish anything in the world. If not, every day you will start with something new and without completing it, you will move to the next thing. This is never ending process and that’s why a lot of bloggers give up.
The best way to have a strategy and stick to it is, convert things into the process.
For example, once you identify how you are going to promote your content, create a checklist and follow it every time you publish new content.
You may say, this is boring and repetitive, but think again: you are not sacrificing your creativity. You are just creating a process for something that is repeated and doesn’t require creativity. You can further stay creative with the wordings and images that you share while promoting your content.
Doing this will also help you in future to take the help of a virtual assistant to handle such repetitive tasks.
You can use tools like Asana or Trello to set up a process for the same.
Here are a few things you can strategize in advanced:
  • List of articles that you will be publishing
  • How many articles you will be posting in the coming month (That’s how you start developing content calendar)
  • List of platforms on which you will be sharing your content.
You can use this free Trello board by ShoutMeLoud, which is shared in our “How to start a blog” guide.

3. Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Gone were the days when search engines were the only source of generating traffic. If you target social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, then, you can get a handsome amount of traffic from them.
Sometimes, it can be much more than search engine traffic but keep in mind that it will not come quickly. You will have to interact with people in Social Media in your niche, and you will have to build a valuable relationship with them.
Also, Social media signals help in improving your site ranking. With the right amount of social exposure, it’s easier to make a new site rank than an existing site.
We will discuss ranking and SEO in some other post. For now, check out: Benefits of social media marketing in Blogging.

4. Make Link Building Strategy

Link building does matter when it comes to search engines. Make proper link building strategy and try to get more backlinks from the blogs in your niche especially the high domain authority blogs.

5. Make Your Blog a Community

The environment of your blog should be such that when a new visitor comes to your blog, he should feel it as a community and become the part of it.

6. Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers

Interact with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs and through social media. It will help you a lot because you can learn many things from them. You should also consider making an influencer marketing strategy for your blog. This would ensure your blog gets seen by the right people in no time.

7. Write Unique Content

It is a well known in Blogging that “Content is King” and it surely is a king. Don’t try to copy content because ultimately you will be banned from search engines and no one likes to read copied content.

8. Always Reply to Comments

Another blogging tips that I could give you is, still Interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Readers usually love it when their comment is replied and they will come back and comment again.

9. Use Article Marketing

Write articles related to your niche in high PR article submission directories such as Tumblr,, LinkedIn with the backlink to your blog.
It will increase your domain authority, and your blog will rank well in search engines.
After Google Penguin update and over optimization penalty, I highly recommend you to avoid low-quality article marketing. Instead, use my next tip which will help you to get more exposure.

10. Use Guest Posting

Try to write at least one article in a week to other blogs in your niche who offer you to write for their blogs.
Guest posting on high traffic and high PR blogs is more beneficial as it will give you more exposure and quality backlinks.
Additionally, I highly recommend you to read Harsh guide on crafting a guest blogging campaign. There, you can learn what all you should do to get maximum exposure and link benefits.

11. Ask Readers for their Opinions

Ask readers for their opinions in your articles. It will increase comments on your blog, and your readers will not feel that they are reading an article written by a robot.
You should work hard on getting more comments as it helps in ego boost of yourself and your blog. Make sure, you get meaningful comments and avoid accepting comments like “Thank you” “Nice post,” as the reader can always show their appreciation by sharing your post on social media sites.
Rather welcome, meaningful and constructive comments. This will help to build conversation and more interaction. Something, which most newbie bloggers miss out.

12. Write for Readers

One of the major problems with a new blog is getting traffic to them. Honestly, when I started blogging it was tough for me too.
Though, with time I realize there is something call SEO which helps in improving search engine visibility. SEO is important but what matters the most is readership.
When you are writing on a topic, try to cover all related topics in that niche. For example, here at ShoutMeLoud, we try to cover all the aspect of Blogging, and this helps in more user engagement. I suggest you read the following two posts:

13. Make Your Blog Design Reader-Friendly

Your Blog Design should have a clean design with proper navigation. It should be such that readers can easily find the content of their choice. Your content plays a major role but you need to keep in mind: First impression is the last impression.
Also, it will help the user stick to your blog more. Would you like to stare on a web page with a flashy or irritating color? Will you wait for a Web page to load which will take minutes to open? NO!
Here is a nice blog post, which will help you to make your blog more attractive.

14. Use SEO friendly Theme

Your blog template is very crucial for your SEO and branding. We have already talked about the difference between free & premium WordPress theme, and for a newbie blogger, it’s a good idea to invest a little on a premium template.
If budget is a constraint for you, you should pick from any of these best WordPress themes.

15. Use Effective Title

As I said, for any new blog your content is what will drive people to your blog. Consistency is very important for the first few months (And also later), to keep your blog growing.
You need to work on creating regular content and blog promotion. Another working tip is to write effective titles, which will make readers to read more.
Write high-quality content and don’t be afraid to give links to the external site as it helps in improving SEO. When you are linking to spammy sites use Nofollow link attribute.
Title of the article should be both reader and SEO friendly. The title should be appealing to the readers and important keywords should also be used in the title.

9 more blogging tips and tricks that you should know:

Pre-Writing Activity

Just don’t jump off writing quickly. Some pre-conditions should be met before you start writing anything.

1. Finding the Right Topic

For me, this is the most challenging job. Finding what to write about is such a vast topic that I cannot do justice to it due to the limited scope of this post.
The right topic depends on what your targeted audience is looking for and what you have to share with them. For example, if you are into gadgets and gizmos, it’s better to write something about them. You can also share news items with your readers.
Let us work with an example here. Let’s say your site is mostly about iPhone. Below are the steps you can do to find your Topic.
  • Apply for RSS feeds at Apple
  • Any news from Apple is a potential  Topic

2. Planning

To write something, you need to have some knowledge of the subject you are about to write on. You need to plan before you start. To make a plan, ask yourself these questions:
  1. Who is going to read this?
  2. What are the areas I should cover?
  3. How many things can I leave for “obvious” which I don’t have to define?
  4. After reading this, what knowledge would my audience gain?
  5. How would my writing effect my site’s Search Engine Position?
  6. What would I gain from this writing?
If you just start writing without any proper plan, you may end up having some lines of text that is not useful to anyone at all.

3. Research

After you have chosen the topic to write on and planned for the areas you want to cover, its time for research.
Research is essential for anything and everything you write on because blogging is not just about educating and informing others, it is also about learning new things.
No matter how much knowledge you have about a particular subject, there is always room for more. The more you research, the better you will write.

During Writing

During Writing

4. Killer Headline

The most important thing about writing is to find that killer headline and subheading that will bring your reader to your site. The heading is the doorway to your article, and if it gets the attention of the reader, your text becomes a source of knowledge; if not, it’s just some random text.

5. Review

No matter how good your writing skills are, there is a possibility of error. To make sure your readers find your writing fun to read, you need to get someone to review your article before posting it. A review makes a lot of difference.
You should review your writings to see if the message you intend to convey is covered. The best thing to do is to write your stuff and then give some gap before you review it yourself. Get some sleep and re-read your stuff with a fresh mind. There is a high probability that you might find errors in your writing.

Post Writing Activity

6. Marketing

Once you have written something, its time to market your writing. I assume you are new to blogging and there isn’t enough traffic on your blog. To bring in traffic, you need to know where are the people and how to attract them to your article.
You should make a standard procedure for marketing your writing.

7. Bookmarking it on Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking site Reddit is the best place to bring traffic to your site and your post. You should bookmark your post at these sites and hope that people like it and bookmark it.
The more Bookmarks you get on your link, the better. Faster indexing is another advantage of bookmarking your post on social bookmarking sites, especially for new ones where Google crawling and indexing is slow.
Active social bookmarking sites are beneficial. Here is a list of some bookmarking sites:
  1. Flipboard
  2. Reddit
  3. Pocket

8. Share it on Social Networking sites

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are also very good at generating traffic for your site. It would help if you shared your links with your friends.
If they like your content, they will share it with their friends. This is an excellent way of bringing traffic to your site.

9. Comments on your posts

Once you start receiving comments on your post, reply to them in a way that it opens a new window of discussion. Exciting comments can help increase traffic. More the comments, the better it is, but don’t feed the trolls.
I hope these blogging tips will be useful for you. Do tell me what you do for making your blog a perfect brand and also feel free to add any other tip to the above list.


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