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Friday, February 21, 2020

🌎3 Powerful Positioning Secrets For The 📚Knowledge Sharing Online🌎

🌎3 Powerful Positioning Secrets For The 📚Knowledge Sharing Online🌎

Do you know Powerful positioning secrets for sharing knowledge online?

Whatever action I am taking does it make sense?

🔅Secret #1: Everything counts!

If you are not active on Social media then nothing counts!

You may be working very hard on promotion, knowledge sharing etc on Social Media. You may not get results immediately. But the show must go on.

Whatever actions you are taking will yield results definitely. MAy be now your efforts are in the form of seeds.

What is one thing matter most in case of Online Knowledge sharing?

🔅Secret #2: Results Resonates!

Many people focus on knowledge sharing, personal experience sharing, self growth etc.
If you definitely wish to be successful then focus on results rather than your knowledge.

What are the results / outcome your students are getting only matters.

To know whether they are gettings results or not, you can offer FREE course or free for certain days to get results. This way they will be investing after getting the results

What is the best communication system?

🔅Secret #3: Active Voice

In case of blog or articles, one can read & understand.
In case of Podcast, just listen.
In case of video, people are listening with seeing. Highest knowledge gain is going to happen. 

Always share in the form of Videos.

What action are you going to take now to become powerful in Positioning for Knowledge sharing online?

I have created a course 'Smart Knowledge System' to help you to learn, implement & teach online to encash your Knowledge.

Please refer for more details.

Please comment your ideas for betterment of others also.

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🎯 Mission:

I am on the 🎯 Mission To Help 1,00,000 people to 💰 Encash 🔆 Knowledge & 🚀 Grow using 📲 Technology.

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